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Stop Crying - Part 3 Stop Crying - Part 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beauitful piece

Xiao Sha,
I'm very proud of you, not only for the improvement you've managed to achive each time, but your courage you've had to keep on making this movie. Someone insulted me after I reviewed Part 2. That came as a blow to me, not because I wasn't able to take that, but solely because for a moment or two, i was disappointed with humanity. I feel down also because this little reality woke me up with the fact that it wasn't easy for me to take one tiny insult at all, how desolate it would become to you to encounter the those previous countless unfair judgement. I really wanted to actively support your project but somehow i questioned if I'm doing any good to you. maybe i was to negative at some point. but yeah, you're back, and I feel lively again ^_^

When the blue tag of Part 3 lights up in front of me, I pictured it as if you kicked open the door of newgrounds and marched into this place again, with pride and hope. Your continuation of the production and coming back here simply command a great deal of respect. Good for you!

Part 3 is beautiful, the plot and everything is nicely planned and professionally done. My family and my Chinese lang. teacher will agree with me that your end quote is beautifully written, and it serves as a good hint for what to expect in Part 4 (though the poem gives me some bitter feeling). The music and voices fit each screen well, and I personally really like Sha's voice, calm and tender, and I consider it's an effective way to bring off the emotional part of the story. The brother-sister conversations that always end with some jokes and laughters have been my favorite part, though it's also emotional in some sense. Jai is really a loving person that you do have all the reasons in the world to brag about.

I really enjoyed chatting with your team people and feeling happy for you to have such a nice group behind you. I guess they are the one big reason you could keep up the good work. ...... I want to wish you good luck, but maybe you don't need it as your talent and hard work has been the main elements of your success. But I wish u good health as I was told that some health issue has been delayed due to this production. Though this project means a lot to you, health should always come first.... talking like a mother >_<

was also told that Stop Crying series was selected by ManiaTV and will be on air soon. So glad that your work is gaining more recognization. Congratulations!!!! Hope this news would also brighten your days a lot. ^_^

one of my close friends loves icecream and I often make a lot at home for her frequent sudden visit. If u'd ever visit london someday (hopefully in summer), may I invite you to try my home-make goodies? just tell me what flavor you like. ^_^

Congradulations! Great job, xiaosha! and your team!


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XSstudio responds:

Fen, my heart sank to know that someone would insult you because of your kind support for my work.

I guess this is Newgrounds' reality. It seems that people are allowed to talk and hurt as random as they like, without worrying any consequence. I feel sad for what happened to you, but I hope you will always stay positive. This world isn't always beautiful but, sometimes, seeing the dark side of human nature may help us appreciate the bright side of the world. And please don't worry as of whether you brought in positive or negative audience. Your spiritual support itself is invaluable and influential. You just underestimate the power of your kindness.

My teammates introduced me to newgrounds just few days before I finished the 1st movie (my work was originally to share within a small alliance). I literally submitted the first work here without knowing too much about this place. Though I was shocked to see the both sides of this community in my very first day here, I don't regret that I came here, if you ask me today. The support from my close friends, the voiceactors, and some audience like you far outweigh anything else! As a matter of fact, I sort of like to come back this public venus, just to see more different people ... which my brother have seen a lot in his entire life. Maybe it's my turn!

I'm very glad that you like Mizura's work. Thank you! The whole cast did a great job indeed!

I like chocolate ice-cream. I can have it any time of the day, like breakfast, and any seasons including winter. Thanks!

This is a blessing that I could see an angel on this human land! You please stay positive. From the whole team, best of luck to you on everything, esp on choosing your major. :D


Stop Crying - Part 2 Stop Crying - Part 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

huge improvement

Except for a couple of artists whose work I like very much and have followed for some time, actually I'd been quite indifference to movies made by other flash producers, and never intended to review either. After watching your 1st movie, I almost wrote to you, but I didn't. Here it is Part2, I just can't remain silent..... your work is just powerful and outstanding.

I like your drawing a lot, clean and detailed, and often with pleasing color. The various descriptive background settings well depict the one aspect of Hong-kong, a place where I've spent 5 months. The charactors are animated very well (if not perfect), camera positioning is effective, the voices are as good as that in Part 1 (you've chosen prof. voice actors there), and what I really want to point out is that you just showed a huge improvement from Part 1 in terms of qualities mentioned above, with the fact that Part 1 was very well done already for a first timer. I believe that your Flash skills in Part 2 has just shown you've excelled yourself in Flash..... though you were only a beginner back few months ago.

I know you didn't expect that, but Part 1 did generate quite a few controversial issues. With that, you've hit the ground running. Part 2 is just as powerful, though it seems that you've made it less emotional. You're extremely brave doing this project, and my respect to you has been so deep that I can't find the best way to convey.

The way you express the message is straightforward and that's what makes it very powerful. Your whole movie immediately reminded me of Fallen Leaves, written by Adeline Mah. The book was too sad that I've long decided not to read any book of this genre. But I expect yours is different as it's a biography of your brother. I do like your movie, and hope you will finish all episodes. I'll watch all of them, and support you until the end!

Regarding those negative reviews, I hope you won't take too much to heart.. just let them come and go. Even for the artists who I respect very much, their good work also got bad reviews. Any good movies that find their way to front page always draw attention, and thus sometimes bad comments. Don't be discouraged! Despite of the disapproving reviews that you've been encountering since your 1st, you need to keep in mind that a good spectrum of support across newgrounds (and fm my school) has been going to your movies at the same time. Wish you a smooth path in producing this great movie series.

Mei fen

Side note: when I was a kid, living in China, I read many Ding-dong comic books.... but mostly in black and white. When I saw that Ding-dong cover in your movie, I couldn't help but grin at it. My hello to you, another Ding-dong fan! Nowaday, he is called Doreamon! I miss that former Chinese title though! (sorry, i know it's not part of the review :P)

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XSstudio responds:

I'm sure it took you long time writing me this glowing review. Thank you so much for your compliment, though I'm not sure if my work is as good as you said. But, I want to say, I won't waste the time you spent on writing me this. Each message you want me to read, to know and to feel, they are all well-received with all of my gratitude. I especially thank you for breaking your rule and doing reviews for me. (In fact, yours was more than a review. I take it as a message of encouragement. Thanks for being supportive! This is very kind of you! And what you said about the voices is very true - they did a very professional job indeed, and have been very supportive too! Lucky me!)

From what you wrote above, I sort of got a feeling that you (or someone you know) got a reply email from me after Part 1 was released. I do have to admit that I was shocked by the responses generated by Part 1 and was once thinking to stop working on this movie. But, well, I'm back. I'm really glad that I didn't give up because I would've been very guilty to disappoint anyone of my supporters like you. And yes, I found my first movie in many users' favorite lists. That's very encouraging!

Thank you too for relating my movie to Fallen Leaves. I honor it. Most of the time I enjoy my life, but sometimes I do have complaints. But after comparing with Adeline's childhood, I have nothing left to complain about... (after all, I had a wonderful brother, that was more than enough to offset the unpleasant aspect of the childhood)

Hello back to you, Ding Dong fan. I didn't even know that this cartoon has another name.... I'm too outdated! Thanks for telling me!

Thanks again for your support!

Surface Surface

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Intriguing story

Marvellous work! Everything is just fantastic and I especially like the beautiful artwork of the background settings (like the mysterious interior of the room in the dream) that contributed so much to the enigmatic mood.
Another part that I like a lot is when he has 3 doors to choose and he eventually chose ‘Artless’ that associates to what he meant ‘naïve’. I would choose that door too.
All in all, the story is absolutely intriguing and the script is very well written. Together with the wonderful artwork and animation, music and nice voice work, the movie has just made itself a masterpiece of work. Looking fwd to the next instalment.

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